Savage Hunter

Garden of Coons Savage Hunter

Born 07-02-2014 in Belgium

Mother: Willemijn of Pooh's Diary

Father: DutchSweetloves Puss in Boots

Cream Blotched Tabby

Pedigree Savage Hunter

Hunter is my beautiful big Lion, he is the biggest (in weight) of all the Coontastic sweethearts. My dream was a big cream boy, when I saw a beautiful combination from a breeder and the message that the cat was pregnant we visited the breeder to see the cats and the cattery. After that it was countdown to the birth. Three cream boys were born and the others where females. We had first choice for a boy and when the kittens were five weeks we visit again the breeder for cuddle the kittens and make our choice. I was in the first five weeks that we are waiting for our cuddle visit all the time in love with Hunter every time when we get new pictures. During our visit the three brothers looked so much alike that I didn't know who Hunter was. So it was a big surprise when I made my choice with my feeling that our chosen sweetheart was also Hunter, perhaps destined. The same day we also chose his sister Mystic Crescent and I am so happy that they are the forever together brother and sister. We visit the sweethearts every 2 weeks and with 13 weeks they where home. We also visit the breeder from Hunter his Daddy, where we have see many of Hunter's family and cuddle them. That was a very nice moment and I cherish that I have been able to see so much family of him in real. Hunter is a sweet big teddy bear, he has a very sweet soft meow. He comes several times a day run to me, jump on my lap, meows and wants to cuddle and then he moves with his big paws like kittens do when they drink by the mother. He is definitely a dream come true and his sweet nature makes every day a loving party. He is a calm boy with a wonderful soft character, he do it all on a relaxing way. When we served the raw meat with wetfood he is direct with us, he love food and cat candy.

When Hunter was around the 1,5 years he had problems with 1 of his hips. He had difficult walking with 1 behind leg and did not jump anymore. We visited our vet and made X-rays and it turned out that Hunter's hip was not good (epiphysiolysis). Hunter have had an operation and they removed his hip head, fortunately he has recovered well although he does have a different walk.

In 2019 Hunter got problems with his ear, his ear cup filled with blood and was very swollen. Hunter was then operated on his ear and after a long recovery the vet could removed the stitches. Luckily his ear was well healed but now he has a hanging ear. But even with a floppy ear he is our big sweet lion and we  love him to the moon and back. We hope to enjoy all his cuddles and love for many years to come.


Hunter his father and mother are also the father and mother of Mystic Crescent 

Hunter his grandfather is also the grandfather of Inanna Aruba