Belmicoon's O'Harry

Born 02-08-2014 in Poland

Mother: Belmicoon Exotic Star

Father: Exel Kosi Zaulek

Black Classic Tabby White

Pedigree O'Harry

O'Harry is our big Polish friend and my big love! This sweetheart stole my heart and he is very special for me. My soulemate, where I am there is he, he talking whole stories to me, follows me and give me kisses. He has a beautiful sweet character, makes never troubles and every night he is close to me in bed. He is the best kisser, every day I get a lot of kisses from him. His big love was Magical Surprise, after the dead of our sweet girl I see again how a sweet and sensitive boy O'Harry is! He have had a time of grieve and mourn, Maggie was his big love and he was very close with her! It was sad to see that he mourned together with me but also beautiful to see that the animals have the same emotions as us! I never forget how O'Harry said goodbye to Maggie after her death, it was so pure, full of love! I have no words to describe how special he is for me, I love him to the moon and back and I would give my life for him! Every day I am so happy and grateful that he is in my life, especialy because O'Harry have had a special story before he comes to us and that makes him for me extra special, he is my treasure! I bless every day that he is with us and that we see his beautiful green eyes shine every day. The day that we pick up O'Harry and he was in the car on my lap, he look in my eyes and I promise him that he is safe and that I should protected him, that he get a life full of love and from that moment Harry and I have a very special bond for life!

On 06-09-2017 Our sweet boy was to one of the best cardiologist for a heart screening. We are verry happy that we can say that this sweetheart has a perfect heart and that he is HCM free.