Purr'Fect Hero

Big-Hannibals Purr'Fect Hero

Born 07-04-2016 in Germany

Mother: Aloa's Velvet

Father: Big-Hannibal El Dorinyo

Color: Blue Silver Classic Tabby White

Pedigree Purr'Fect Hero

"The great perfection I learned from my naturally aware mind, I have realized that all perfect phenomena are like dreams, like magic"

No words for this beautiful sweet boy!! The day that I saw his mother as kitten it was clear to me, as she would have kittens in the future I would definitely fall in love with one of her kittens. An on thursday 7 April late in the evening was the magical moment, our miracle was born with a weight of 166 grams. Direct by see of the pictures of this litter it was clear in my heart, it was a special feeling what I get by see him! We where allowed to give him his own name and I give him the name "Purr'Fect Hero", we call him always Heertje. Since the first moment that I saw him in real, look in his eyes my heart feels his special love! He is a big dream come true, out the lines of Aloa's that I love, he has the beautiful looks but also he has a wonderful temper. I love him to the moon and back! His name is perfect for him, because he is purr'fect inside and outside, he give me kisses, hugging me a whole day long, sleep in my neck and he walks after me a whole day. He is totaly in love with the Coontastic dogs, he sleep with them, play with them and he give them a lot of kisses. He love it as I take him in my arms and dance with him, than he shine his happy eyes what me let melting! Hero is a special soul, I see that in his eyes, the same as by our Mr. Bojangles. This kind of animals know all, they are a soul what feel everything what is in our head and heart. What is funny, as we have visitors Hero must always check or they have clean heads and ears haha! He lick the heads and hairs from the visitors and give love bits in heads and ears, sometimes he do not understand that his love bits are a little to hard for human visitors haha! Hero is the best at opening doors, he does it with ease and is therefore the reason that we have made the shower and hall doors in the house extra safe so that he can no longer open them. He don't like it as I am on the toilet and he can not come in, than he meow very loud and try to open the door. Hero his favorite place to relaxed is the big swing in the playroom and cat run, you can see him on it in his own movie on this page.


Hero his father is also the father of Flash GordonSweet VinzentSweet Vancouver & Simple Obsession

Hero his grandmother is the mother of Enchanting Angel & D'Amore Federico and the grandmother of Laguna SurpriseSamuray Merlin & Special One Sinatra

Hero his great-grandfather is the great-great grandfather of Mr. BojanglesChapman Mr. DreamyCountdown Pablo, Midnight Jewel & Precious Firebird

Hero his other great-grandfather is the grandfather of Samuray Merlin, the great-grandfather of Siddhi of Love & Simple Obsession and the great-great-grandfather of Chapman Mr. DreamyCountdown PabloPrecious Firebird

Purr'Fect Hero 4 years