Lion King Leonido

Simsalabim's Leonido

Born 08-01-2018 in Germany

Mother: Sivkjær's Candelina

Father: Simsalabim's Escudo

Red Silver Mackerel Tabby

Pedigree Lion King Leonido

My wonderful sweet Lion, we call him "Leeuwtje" wat means Lion in our language. When we heard that the mother of our King of my Heart was pregnant again we knew it immediately that we really wanted a boy out this litter. The father of this litter was white and I was hope on a white boy. But after birth and the first pictures it was my lion king that immediately stole my heart and the 2 white brothers where in reservation for breeding. We reserved our red silver lion and later miracles happend and the day that he move to Casa di Coontastic he took his two white brothers Prince Faro and Prince Amaro with him. This gentle sweetheart have it all! He can let see the same wonderful smile as his big brother King and have also the same sweet and soft character. He is a relax and calm boy who love it to cuddle with us and his furry friends. As he cuddle with me on my lap or close to me in bed than he let hear a loud purring and I love that sound. He love the garden and can enjoy it for hours and hours, relaxing in the sun is a big hobby of him especially if he can cuddle on my lap. He is very gentle to all the other sweethearts, also as we get new kittens in the group he is a wonderful big uncle for them. He is one of the biggest boys of the Coontastic Family and no he is not fat he is big! I love his wonderful light silver color, his coat is beautiful, full and very soft. He gives always kisses on my nose and then I have to be allert because sometimes he wants to give love bits. You will certainly melt in love if you look into his beautiful green eyes. I am very happy that he and his brothers are with us and I love this sweetheart very very much!

20 February 2020 our sweet big Lion has had an operation on his hip. The same as by his nephew Jon Snow he had problems with his hip head which is caused by a genetic problem what they call Epiphysiolysis. Now that his hip head (which was broken) has been removed, we hope that he will be soon without pain and that he will recover well.