Prince Amaro

Simsalabim's Amaro

Born 08-01-2018 in Germany

Mother: Sivkjær's Candelina

Father: Simsalabim's Escudo


Pedigree Prince Amaro

"Love and kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."

Our soft cuddly sweetheart Prince Amaro! He is from the same mother as our sweetheart King of my Heart. After the birth of this litter we reserved Amaro his brother Lion King Leonido because Amaro and his white brother Prince Faro where reserved for breeding. But on a day we get a message from the breeder that Amaro is deaf and therefore he is not suitable for breeding. It was immediately clear for us that he moved to us together with his brother Leonido. It was a little exciting for us because we have no experience with a deaf cat but Amaro showed us right from the first day that his deaf is no restriction at all!! You would not say that he is deaf, he does it perfect in the group, he know immediately when the food will be served or when it is candy time. He is big friends with all our cats and more times a day he comes to me loudly meowing and then it's cuddling time.He is a very affectionated boy, he can cuddle on my lap a whole day long. I learn him some hand gestures and he is very clever, when I make a special move with my hand he comes direct walking to me because he know that this move with the hand means or he wil come to me. Because he is deaf he hear also not his own voice, so he meows always very loud haha! Amaro is my Angel Boy, he is so soft and calm, a very perfect boy! I love his beautiful looks, for me he is the most perfect in his looks from the brothers, he have a wonderful muzzle with a perfect profile, a strong body, he is a very big boy and his ears are also perfect. He have a full and thick coat, therefore his coat needs more care than his brothers because he have tangles quickly. Although he can't hear me, I just talk to him just like all our other sweethearts. I am convinced that he also feels the vibrations, he always looks at me when I talk to him and starts purring loudly and talking back to me.I am so so happy that he is with us together with his two brothers and I love him with my whole heart! I would take without doubt another deaf boy with all my heart in the future, because with Amaro I now see that these cats are extremely sweet, smart and highly sensitive, which makes them angels on earth.


Amaro his mother is also the mother of King of my HeartLion King Leonido & Prince Faro

Amaro his father is also the father of Lion King Leonido & Prince Faro

Amaro his grandmother is also the grandmother of Jon Snow

Amaro his grandfather is also the grandfather of Jon Snow

Amaro his great-great grandfather is the great-grandfather of Don Juan Samos & Dream like Madonna

Prince Amaro 2 years