Blog 2020

7. feb, 2020

Sometimes I wish that time went a little slower. The sisters are growing so fast, if they would stay a baby for longer it should be nice. But I certainly love it also to see their wonderful development, for me they are all three dream girls and my big treasurs!

2. feb, 2020

I see the letters dance, it's time to go offline and step in a warm Coontastic bed so that I can close my eyes with the purring sound of our sweethearts. Tomorrow a new day to working on the site. For now all the sweethearts have a little information on their page and also some pedigree's are finished. Later all the Coontastic Sweethearts get a personal story on their pages.


31. jan, 2020

Today I launched our site on the online web. I am still very busy with all the pages, this will certainly take a long time to complete. I am a perfectionist and all Coontastic family members deserve their own page where they are in the spotlight. I will work daily on the pages to complete them, so come take a look regularly to follow the progress.