21. mrt, 2020

Happy Birthday Karlito

21-03-2019 the wonderful day that our beloved sweetheart Don Corleone (Karel Karlito) was born. He was born in the best place I can imagine, in the most caring hands of our dear friend Sarka. And I am so happy and grateful that he came to live with us. This special sweetheart puts a big smile on our face every day, he is a sweet, gentle clown and he is so much fun with all our other purring sweethearts. As big as he is, such a beautiful, big loving heart he has. His silky soft coat is a pleasure to touch and his long full tail gracefully floats in the air as he walks by. What can I say? That we love him very much and that we are very grateful that he came into our lives. 

And now this sweetheart is already 1 year old, where does the time go, he is no longer a little baby but in my heart he will be that forever! His birthday present, he already sees it as a big party that I am now home every day because of the corona crisis! He already has so many balls that he likes to play with and sweets he gets every day. But of course he gets extra goodies on this day and we have some new toys for him and his friends. He has to wait for his biggest birthday present that will be very special, but I am sure that when it comes, he will be very happy with it.

Happy first birthday my big special love, we love you to the moon and back and that is our biggest birthday gift