2. mei, 2020

Happy Birthday Mr. Dreamy & Pablo

02-05-2015 was the wonderful day that the brothers Chapman Mr. Dreamy and Countdown Pablo were born 💖 I falling direct in love with Pablo from the first moment and what is more beautiful than two kittens together so we also chose his brother Mr. Dreamy. Two brothers forever together but in 2017 the terrible thing happened and we lost our wonderful sweet boy Pablo to an acute cardiac arrest 😪 Today we celebrate their birthday, but it is a day with double emotions, the sadness because we have to miss Pablo but the joy and happiness that we can celebrate his brother Dreamy his fifth birthday.

Happy Birthday my wonderful special sweetheart Mr. Dreamy 🥳 And I am sure your sweet Angel brother Pablo is also today with us because in you and in our heart he live forever 💖

Pablo, my wonderful love, we miss you so much! Especialy on this day the missing of you with us is very hard 😪