1. jun, 2020

Happy Birthday Big Fighter

31-05-2018/01-06-2018 late in the evening when the change to a new day began and the stars twinkled in a clear sky was the special moment that a miracle was born. Our very special love Big Fighter. He was born together with 5 brothers and sisters, but his brothers and sisters had too many deviations that they were not strong enough to live 😢 Also our sweetheart Big Fighter was not without deviations, he was born with a very short and curved tail (lynx tail) but he was a fighter and wanted to live and so he became the only survivor from the litter. A few days after his birth, I saw his photo and read his story. I was touched in my heart, in his photo I saw a big smile on his little head, he had something very special that I couldn't get out of my mind. And so we decided to respond to him and we reserved him. When he was 5 weeks young we visit to see him in person, his eyes were clear blue like a brilliant blue sea, never I had seen such clear blue eyes in a 5/6 weeks young kitten. We thought his eyes would change in color, especially because he can't have blue eyes genetically. But a miracle happened and his eyes are still blue. 💙 He is my unique sweetheart, the one and only, sometimes we call him our bulldog because he has a strong body with shorter legs and of course his short curved tail. He is a sweet, gentle and happy boy who is the best friends with the whole Coontastic family 

So when the stars shine in a clear sky again and the transition to a new day starts, we will celebrate his second birthday. But we will also think of his brothers and sisters who sadly never knew real life. 🌟

Happy Birthday my special love, we are so happy and thankful that you colors our life with your special love and appearance, we wish a lot of more beautiful years in good health where we will make many more beautiful memories! Sweetheart I love you to the moon and back 😘💙😘