2. jul, 2020

Happy Birthday Jon Snow

02-07-2017 The beautiful day that my beloved sweet boy Jon Snow was born  I remember the day that I saw his pictures or it was yesterday, I was direct full of Love and no doubt for me that he belongs to me! The long travel to Denmark to pick up my Dreamboy I never forget that day. But that special moment that I saw my sweet boy in real, look in his eyes and that he hard meowed to me or that he wanted to say "Are you finally here Mommy" that moment I never forget! From the first minute home he was happy walking and play or that he was always with us. I love my sweet boy so much  the last part of 2019 was not the best time for my sweety because his operations on both hips, but he is recovered very good and is the happy sweet clown so as he always was. And now my sweetheart celebrates his third birthday, time flies and he is no longer a little baby but he is still the sweet and always cheerful boy who makes me laugh and glow with love 

Happy Birthday my sweety!

I am so so happy that you are with us