Cupido of Tree Hill

Born 08-06-2018 in Belgium

Passes Away on 30-08-2018

Mother: Amibial Lilly

Father: NoName Extreme

Black Blotched Tabby

Sweet special boy Cupido! Although he did not live with us, this special Angel was a part of our Coontastic life. That's why he got his own page on our site where he will always shine his love. I never forget the moment that I met this Angel. That day we had our first cuddle visit with our Big Fighter. When we entered the living room by the breeder I saw a very small brave kitten with big eyes looking at me. I was immediately enchanted, felt something very special. During our visit the kitten just kept hanging around me and getting my attention. He was so small, he always walked bravely with his short legs to me and when I picked him up he really showed a real smile. I immediately fell in love and felt that this kitten was special, we asked the breeder or we could reserve him and we gave him the name Cupido. In the car back to home I say to my husband that it was a special feeling what Cupido gave me, I say also that he reminds me to our special Angel girl Magical Surprise. The same big eyes and Maggie was also a very little as kitten, what also was the same was the sound of breathing, afterwards this was maybe a sign that he was already sick. A few weeks later, the worst thing we could think happened. We received a message from the breeder that Cupido was very ill and that he was now on medication and antibiotic. I was direct thinking about what I had say to my husband, that Cupido for me was in feeling the same as our Maggie. I asked the breeder every day how he was doing, he grew not good and did not want to eat well. I was hope on a miracle all the time but my feeling was not good. And then the black day came, I ask again the breeder how Cupido was doing and then follow the very hard words that he was passed away. I have cry , cry because he was for sure very special, a Angel so as Maggie and it was so unfair of the nature to take him away! We could not immediately give this sadness a place in our hearts, but we knew that it would be better for Fighter if he would come to us together with a friend and not alone. We decided to choose one of Cupido's brothers and that became Dreamboy Chicago. I will always keep Cupido in my heart, even though he was not allowed to live with us, he is very special to me and I will never forget how he enchanted my heart with his beautiful big eyes and his touching look. I comfort myself with the thought that he lives a little in his brother Chicago, so he is with us a little every day.