Winnipeg BillAndCoo

Born 17-03-2021 in Czech

Mother: Happy Feet BillAndCoo

Father: Galliano by Imagine Glamour

Black Mackerel Tabby Bicolour

Pedigree Winnipeg

Our sweet little miracle Winnipeg aka Piggie! When you look in his eyes you melt with love and immediately when I saw his first picture I fell in love and my heart jumped.

When our Piggie is home we update his page with a own personal story about him and his character.


Winnipeg his mother is also the mother of Princess Omnia

Winnipeg his father is also the father of Alexandra Mary and No Fear and the grandfather of Happy FaceHappy ValentineHappy Easter and PandeMia

Winnipeg his grandfather is the father of Black Joe and the grandfather of PandeMia and the great grandfather of Happy FaceHappy Valentine and Happy Easter

Winnipeg his great grandfather is also the great grandfather of Epic Boy