Can-Can BillAndCoo

Born 21-06-2021 in Czech

Mother: Mrs Columbo BillAndCoo

Father: Yasan BillAndCoo

Black Ticked Tabby Bicolour

Pedigree Can-Can

At the beginning of August 2021 I traveled to our friend and breeder in the Czech Republic to pick up our sweetheart Winnipeg. I loved seeing all the furry sweethearts again, who feel like family to me and it was a double joy to have little kittens around and to be able to cuddle and spend time with them. And there was Can-Can aka Kaňour! What a sweetheart he is a charmer and clown! He immediately settled on my lap and looked at me with his wonderful sweet eyes. Maybe a coincidence, I thought! But after a night's sleep he was right back with me when I came downstairs and had a morning cuddle session with the kittens of this litter. He enchanted me in a loving and funny way. He has family lines from our Don Corleone (his mother is the grandmother of Can-Can) and our PandeMia (same father). So no wonder he has such an open, sweet and cheerful character. And our charmer managed to win my heart and so he will come to live with us. I am so happy and extremely grateful that he has come into our lives and I am counting down the days full of love until he is home!

When our charmer is home I will complete his page with a detailed story about him and his character.


Can-Can his father is also the father of PandeMia

Can-Can his grandfather is the father of Black Joe and the grandfather of Princess Omnia and Winnipeg

Can-Can his other grandfather is the father of Happy FaceHappy Valentine and Happy Easter

Can-Can his grandmother is the mother of Don Corleone

Can-Can his other grandmother is the mother of No Fear and Yamaha

Can-Can his great grandmother is the mother of Alexandra Mary

Can-Can 19 weeks