Magical Starlight

Magical Starlight BillAndCoo

Born 01-06-2022 in Czech

Mother: Madame Butterfly BillAndCoo

Father: Kikiolacats Winner takes it All

Blue Silver Blotched Tabby Bicolour

Pedigree Magical Starlight

Our Magical Starlight aka Mili (Milacek is an affectionate name like Sweetheart or Honey in Czech). When we heard from the breeder that the mother of our No Fear and Princess Yamaha was pregnant I already knew that these would be great kittens but it was not the plan to fall in love with a kitten. 1 June 2022 was the big day of birth and a wonderful little girl was born. Singleton kitten who will certainly be spoiled by her mother and the breeder. The breeder named her Muffin. In that period we had a very difficult and sad time because we lost two of our dogs Camila and Cloudy in a short period of time and this sadness became even bigger when we lost our special sweetheart Purr'Fect Hero very unexpectedly on 16 June 2022. When I saw a new photo of Mili it touched my heart in a positive way. I felt love and wondered if she might be as special and sweet as Yamaha. And after that it went pretty fast, unplanned but probably predestined. After consultation with my husband, I carefully sent a message to our dear friend (breeder) to ask if Muffin (what her name was then) might also be available as a pet. She was not yet 3 weeks young at the time, so I could have understood that there would not be a clear answer to this. But the surprise came that if we want she can certainly come and live with us when she is old enough. And so it happened that this wonder girl became a bright spot of love in a sad period. When I delved into her father's pedigree a day later, I discovered something very special. The grandmother of our sweetheart Hero was a few generations further in the pedigree! Magic, predestined or coincidence? I believe in magic and that some things don't happen or come into our lives without a reason. And so it happened that in consultation with the breeder we changed the name of Muffin to "Magical Starlight" for on the pedigree and Mili as short name. Mili is still a little baby so she still has to grow and develop and then we will travel in October to our dear friend and breeder to pick up Mili. When Mili is home there will be an story on her page with a description of her and her character.


Mili her mother is also the mother of No Fear & Princess Yamaha and the grandmother of PandeMia & Can-Can

Mili her great grandfather is the grandfather of Alexandra Mary , WinnipegNo Fear & Princess Yamaha and the great grandfather of Black JoeHappy FaceHappy ValentineHappy Easter and PandeMia

Far in the pedigree of Mili is also the grandmother of Purr'Fect Hero

Magical Starlight 3,5 weeks